Age of Empires 4 Releases Roadmap For Upcomming Seasons

On the 28th of October last year we all relived our childhood with the release of Age of Empires 4. Now the game has revealed their roadmap with upcoming changes to the game.

After keeping an eye on all feedback, reviews and social media they were “assessing data to better understand what civilizations need more tuning in the short-term, and what civilizations and maps will require more focused attention over time”

This resulted in an roadmap with 2 season, each with their own improvements.

Season 1 update

  • Season one was formerly known as the “Spring update” and will allow the community to make and share their mods with the new Content Editor. They will also feature some in-house mods and will provide tutorials to get you started with you own content
  • They will add the 1v1 Ranked Ladder
  • Hotkey Improvements
  • Balance Changes to the Abbasid Dynasty, Chinese, and Holy Roman Empire

Season 2 update

  • Ranked Season 2
  • Map Vote System
  • Player Color Picker

Visit the AoE4 website for the full roadmap.

Besides the changes and division between seasons the game continuously monitors anti-cheat, taunts and are actively working on improving the waypoint indicators.

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