All Halo Infinite Campaign’s Unique Weapon Locations and Ability

Halo Infinite’s campaign is 343 Industries first take on an open-world Halo storyline. With tons of content besides the main storyline this game sets you up for many hours of gameplay.

One of the ‘sidequests’ is defeating 15 bosses and collecting their power weapons. These weapons being (stronger) variants on the normal Banished or UNSC weapons you encounter in campaign or multiplayer.

Below we made a list of all the locations you can find these weapons and their unique ability.

1. UNSC: M41 Tracker

Location: On the east side of the southernmost island

Target enemy: Zeretus (Elite)

Power: Targets enemies automatically and has homing

2. Banished: Riven Mangler

Location: North of the Forge of Teash

Target enemy: Balkarus (Brute)

Power: Will fire three projectiles instead of one

3. UNSC: Backdraft Cindershot

Location: Between FOB Kilo and FOB Juliet

Target enemy: Myriad (Hunter pair)

Power: Will fire three projectiles instead of one

4. UNSC: Scatterbound Heatwave

Location: North of FOB Hotel

Target enemy: Ordo ‘Mal (Elite)

Power: Tracking Projectiles

5. Forerunner: Arcane Sentinel Beam

Location: East of the ‘Conservatory’

Target enemy: Thav ‘Sebarim (Elite)

Power: Extra damage

6. Banished: Rapidfire Pulse Carbine

Location: North of Outpost Tremonious

Target enemy: Inka ‘Saham (Elite)

Power: Increased Fire Rate

7. Banished: Duelist Energy Sword

Location: West edge of ‘The Tower’

Target enemy: Okro ‘Vagaduun (Elite)

Power: Increased Movement Speed

8. Banished: Calcine Disruptor

Location: Excavation Site

Target enemy: Bipbap (Grunt)

Power: Increased damage and larger area of effect

9. Banished: Unbound Plasma Pistol

Location: East of the bridge next to ‘The Tower’

Target enemy: Briglard (Grunt)

Power: Fires multiple shots with overcharge

10. Banished: Stalker Rifle Ultra

Location: West mountain on the southernmost island at the peak

Target enemy: Barroth (Jackal)

Power: Less zoom on scope but faster fire rate making it more suitable for close quarter combat

11. Banished: Rushdown Hammer

Location: West of FOB Hotel, Southernmost area

Target enemy: En ‘Geddon (Brute)

Power: Devastating Power, faster movement

12. Banished: Volatile Skewer

Location: Mountain range West of FOB Echo

Target enemy: Ik ‘Novus (Brute)

Power: Exploding Ammo

13. Banished: Ravager Rebound

Location: Mountain pass west of FOB November

Target enemy: Arthoc (Brute)

Power: Bouncing bullets

14. Banished: Pinpoint Needler

Location: Spire on the southern edge of the map (Banshee or Wasp needed)

Target enemy: Wraith Kul (Jackal)

Power: Denser bullet spread

15. Banished: Purging Shock Rifle

Location: North of FOB Juliet

Target enemy: Pack of Skirmishers

Power: Stuns Vehicles with one hit

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