Calyx Gaming Partners with Shikenso Analytics as “Analytics and statistics are a metric for growth”

Esports company Calyx Gaming announced a new partnership with data analytics company Shikenso Analytics for VALORANT MENA: Resilience. The main task for Shikenso Analytics is giving more insight in the value and metrix of the broadcasts and sponsor placements.

As Calyx Gaming has also recently been selected as an official partner of Riot Games VALORANT’s new regional league system this will definitely be connected. 

Aravind Swaminathan, Business Development Director at Calyx said “We are thrilled to partner with Shikenso Analytics for VRL MENA: Resilience. Analytics and statistics are a metric for growth and the  services provided by Shikenso Analytics will ensure that we analyze our market in an efficient manner  and will give us insights into how we can further grow our follower base.” 

Arwin Fallah (CEO of Shikenso) added “Professionalizing the landscape of sponsorship data in esports through our solutions is one of the main goals for us at Shikenso. By using our solution, Calyx is able to  understand its metrics from the ground up to build a sustainable infrastructure for future partners and  sponsors and to better market its offering.”  

This partnership highlights just another deal in a streak of partnerships in the last couple of months. A lot of Esports companies are bringing in external knowledge and skills to further strengthen their foothold in the Esports industry. As the $ in deals, coverage and popularity keeps rising we can expect a rapid increase in deals to come.

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