CSMG announced new Esports Brand ESPORTSU

The sports and entertainment media company Collegiate Sports Management Group (CSMG) announced a news collegiate Esports brand called ESPORTSU. CSMG is focused on esports and traditional sports in the new creator economy.

ESPORTSU will be the host to numerous Esport events and will have a 24/7 Twitch channel. With the first upcoming events we can expect them to host competitions for VALORANT and Super Smash Bros. Utlimate. The winning teams will seed into the Collegiate Esports National Competition (CENC) in May 2022. In their announcement CSMG stated

The New Twitch channel goes live this weekend as the road to Collegiate Esports National Competition (CENC) kicks off with Midwest and Southeast Invitationals followed by new original content next week.

Angela Bernhard Thomas, EVP of ESPORTSU, commented: “The collegiate esports landscape is evolving and maturing rapidly, and our goal with ESPORTSU is not to observe collegiate esports mature – but to be the catalyst for it.”

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