Daniel Sanders new Senior Global Marketing Lead Esports at Tencent Games

After working well over 5 years at Red Bull as their Head of Esports and Gaming Marketing Daniel Sanders announced his departure from the company. He will become the new Senior Global Marketing Lead at Tencent Games. Tencent is the well-known publisher of PUBG MOBILE and PUBG: Battlegrounds.

He went to LinkedIn to share this news with the world and to thank his former colleagues.

At Redbull hes was responsible for the “direction of Red Bull’s esport strategy by developing an innovative and creative vision” and will now commit himself to “oversee marketing for esports with a vision to deliver a plan that will take the scene to new heights.” at Tencent Games.

As part of Red Bull Sander’s was one of the people responsible for the Red Bull Gaming Sphere where they held regular tournaments, training sessions for pro and amateur gamers and live streams.

With the rise of E-sports it is safe to say that Sander’s will have enough to do at his new job. Just a few month ago Tencent, who is the leading Industry company, held their 5th annual Tencent Game Developers Conference where industry professionals and scholars discussed their working experience, insights about cutting-edge technologies, and perspectives on the latest industry trends. One of the key points was the “social value of games”.

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