ESL Gaming Shared $500,000 Prize Pool Details of Their All-women CS:GO Tournament

ESL Gaming has shared more details about their upcomming womens only CS:GO tournament. The tournament will be named ESL Impact. The league will consist of two seperate seasons for all-women teams with a total prize pool of $500,000.

Starting on March 17, the ESL Impact League will be played and broadcasted every Thursday and Friday for a total of six weeks. The tournament will feature a total of 24 teams in three regions: Europe, North America and South America. The best two teams of each region will compete in the global finals at DreamHack Dallas in June 2022.

Not long ago we reported that ESL Gaming and FACEIT were both acquired by Savvy Gaming Group. ESL Gaming is around for over 2 decades and is together with FACEIT one of the biggest Esport tournament organizers in the world. Both companies are now under the ownership of Saudi Arabian-back Savvy Gaming Group and are operating under the name ESL FACEIT Group

In an interview with Esports Insider ESL FACEIT Group CEO Craig Levine said “it would continue to develop the women’s circuit programme despite the Savvy Gaming Group acquisition.”.

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