Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster Confirmed for Console Release

Square Enix is releasing one Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster after another. Since July 2021 they already remasterd the first 5 instalments on PC, IOS and Android. The Sixth Final Fantasy is set to release in February. The question remain, will they also release it on console?

Known Nintendo leaker NateTheHate already claimed that Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will launch for the Switch in 2022 in one of his video’s. Besides that Square Enix itself already confirmed the possibility of a console release if demand was up for it.

Now video game journalist Paul Gale came forward Saying: “I was given the terminology that Final Fantasy Pixel Remaster will be coming to consoles in 2022, specifying Nintendo Switch.” He went on with saying “although this does not confirm it’s coming to PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 and Xbox One/Xbox Series, one of those four platforms also being the recipient of these titles is pretty much a given.”.

This does indicate that demand was enough for Square Enix to bring the games to console, specifically the Nintendo Switch.

All we need now is an official confirmation by Square Enix and we are good to go.

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