Guild Esports signed New 10 year Lease ” will function as Guild Academy and Global HQ”.

Guild Esports announced it has signed a new 10-year lease contract for their property that will function as Guild Academy and Global HQ.

They announced the news on January 20th in a press release and stated that their 9,831 square feet property in London’s Shoreditch area will open in Q2 2022.

It will provide a state-of-the-art physical space for the Guild Academy to complement and support the world’s most comprehensive and innovative online training portal set up by Guild for budding esports stars and pro-players.

Kal Hourd, chief executive of Guild Esports, said: “The creation of an iconic location for our Guild Academy and headquarters in London’s hottest technology hub will serve as a beacon and inspiration to our global fanbase, content creators, sponsors and other stakeholders.

A notable Co/owners of Guild Esports is David Beckham. He said about the deal “I am really excited by the new global headquarters for Guild, which also sees the creation of a new home for the Guild Academy. This marks the next important stage in building Guild’s position as one of the world’s top esports organizations and it will be a focal point for our players, creators and our many global fans.”

Guild Esports is not he only firm exapanding its footprint by introducing their own Esports Campus. The British Esports Association also announced that they will open a campus in Sunderland.

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