Halo Infinite ‘Cyber Showdown’ event will start 18 January

Halo Infinite latest events ‘Fracture Tenrai’ and ‘Winter Contingency’ enables players to play and progress towards nice extra customizations with the ultimate goal being the proud owner of the total bad-ass Yoroi armor set.

The Cyber Shown Down Unlockables

343 Industries just announced their newest event with a trailer. The Cyber Showdown event will start next Tuesday, January 18th and comes with 10 new unlockables.

Just like the ‘Winter Contingency’ event Cyber Showdown will feature 10 ranks to progress. Each with their own reward.

Rank 1: Stance

Rank 2: Weapon Coating

Rank 3: Nameplate Backdrop

Rank 4: Emblem

Rank 5: Armor FX (Visor)

Rank 6: Armor Coating

Rank 7: Weapon Trinket

Rank 8: Visor

Rank 9: AI Color

Rank 10: Armor FX (Neon Mohawk)

How to Progess?

Cyber showdown will have the same progression system as Fracture Tenrai where you need to compleet a certain challenge to get progress in the event.

Watch the trailer below, charge your controller’s battery and prepare yourself for some Halo Infinite.

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