Halo Infinite has over 20 Million Players Joined, Largest Launch in Franschise History

More than 20 years after we first saw Masterchief land on the mystical ring we call Installation 04 he is still as relevant. His latest appearance brings us back to those memory’s and let us play on Zeta Halo, and it is a record breaking one. Microsoft announced that Halo: Infinite is now the largest launch in the entire franchise’s history with over 20 million players joining the fight thus far.

In just two months the game has managed to gather a immense following and this could partially be caused by the now free-to-play multiplayer. Unlike other installments Halo Infinite’s campaign and multiplayer are separated but if you have the Microsoft Game Pass both are included in your subscription.

This milestone was discussed at the Second Quarter Earnings Conference Call where they stated:

“Game Pass has more than 25 million subscribers across PC and console. Our differentiated content is driving the service’s growth, and we released new AAA titles this holiday to rave reviews and record usage. 18 million have played Forza Horizon 5 to date. And more than 20 million have played Halo Infinite, making it the biggest Halo launch in history.”

The popularity didn’t come with its own kind of problem. At this moment 343 Industries is still working desperately at fixing the connection issues with Big Team Battle.

In totally other irrelevant news. Have you ever seen Masterchief with cat-ears? See the concept art below of the ‘cat-ears’ armor customization in campaign. Still think Chief is tough?

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