Hogwarts Legacy “Is in some sorts of Trouble’ and can be delayed to 2023

The highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy is set to release this year on PC, PS4, PS5, XB1/S and Xbox Series X. Reportedly a new report has seen the light that warns that the game is “in some sort of trouble”.

The report supposedly surfaced at the hands of Playstation insider Colin Moriarty who said “hearing behind the scenes that (Hogwarts Legacy) game isn’t coming out this year.” He discussed this topic during his podcast. Nothing more than this small statement was discussed and left many fans in confusion.

With its original release set in 2021 this means that the game will be delayed a second time. It is also good to note that just a week ago another insider spread the word that Hogwarts Legacy had a good chance to arrive earlier as expect. Seems a little bit contradictive.

How and when Warner Bros will come with a statement about these rumors is still unclear.

We will update this post as more information is available

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