Lost Ark is at “Server Capacity” and Dev Has No Way to Increase the Number of Players Per World

Lost Ark has seen recent issues with their server capacity and queues. Mainly EU-players are having problems with long loading times when trying to play the MMO.

The development team of Lost Ark responded to these issues in a new blogpost. “We are aware of multiple issues continuing to be reported over the weekend and are working day and night with Smilegate RPG to get them addressed.”

“We know that players are still experiencing long queues in Europe. The Europe Central region is at capacity and unfortunately there is no way to increase the number of players per world in Europe Central. Adding more servers is not possible based on the complexity of all the systems that need to work together.” 

They continued to address the matchmaking issues that also affected a lot of players. “We understand folks are also experiencing issues with matchmaking, which is a critical feature for organized play. To improve matchmaking we will restart Europe Central servers on 2/20 at 11pm UTC (2/21 12am CET) with an expected downtime of 2 hours. This will help stabilize the feature while we work with Smilegate RPG on a more long-term fix.”

Even with these problems Lost Ark is very popular and is increasing its player base with an immense speed. This comes with a downside as we can see and the solutions will be vital for a stable European player base.

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