Metacritic Shows Street Fighter 6 as Releasing on Xbox Series X

Two weeks ago Capcom announced Street Fighter 6 with a new teaser trailer. The trailer on itself looked very good but not much information could be extracted from the 40-second video. Along with the trailer Capcom said it will come with more details this summer.

Streetfighter V released six years ago and had a mixed reception. Bugs and imperfections and launch gave it a rocky start. At the end the fifth installment sold around 5 million copies and was released on PS4 and PC and was even available as an arcade game. But no Xbox release was in sight back in the days. Also with part 6 coming up it is still unknown which consoles can welcome the new title on their screens.

Twitter account Xbox Originals discovered that Metacritic showed Street Fighter 6 as releasing on Xbox Series X. This can mean one of two things. One, it means Metacritic knows more than we do. Or it is just a temporary page made in advance to be edited once more information is known this summer. 

There is nothing else we can do but wait to get a definitive answer but it would sure be great to welcome this game on Microsoft’s console.

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