Morgan Sports Law starts own Esports Talent Agency ‘DotX Talent’

Law firm Morgan Sports Law announced the launch of their own esports and gaming talent management agency named DotX Talent. Although the website is still in development both Morgan Sports Law and Dotx spread the word through their Twitter channels.

Nick Williams, the managing Director at DotX stated “Our aim is to provide a professional, bespoke management service that can make a meaningful and positive difference to a career.

Every member of our team is committed to making that happen, and each possess real expertise that will enable our clients to aim higher and achieve more. We are all extremely excited about what we can do for our clients, and proud to have built a company that will put integrity and diversity at the core of how it does business.”

Mike Morgan, Founding partner at Morgan Sports Law added “MSL was set up to protect the rights of athletes. Creating DotX to further the interests of esports and gaming talent is a natural next step and represents the culmination of a lot of hard work and planning.

Our firm’s specialist legal expertise combined with that of esports branding and marketing experts will provide a unique and innovative offering to esports and gaming talent, and hopefully facilitate positive change for both our clients, and the industry as a whole.” 

The services that DotX will provide consist of contract negotiation, opportunity sourcing, career development and all other needs for their Esport talents. They will expand this with:

  • legal support and advice from experienced lawyers;
  • talent invoice management handled by a dedicated finance team;
  • in-depth analysis of social media analytics to provide clients with insights into their personal brand; and
  • social media strategy and publicity management.

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