NC State University handed $16 million for Esport Campus and “esports truck,”

North Carolina State University managed to get its hands on a $16 million grant from the government to build their own on-campus esports facility. 

The University’s school newspaper reported that around $12 million will go towards an esports arena and that they will allocate the other $4 million to an “esports truck,”. 

This arena will offer the students “hands-on learning experiences” in computer science and game design. They also plan to combine arena events with their hospitality management course for planning and executing.

Marc Hoit, Vice Chancellor of NC State University said “We’re building up a network of people who are anxious to use the laboratory, if you will, and go ahead and do what we do best as an educational institution. My goal is to make the facility a shared activity.”. 

The arena is expected to open in 2023/2024. The first stage will consist of the university running pilot versions of the facilities to gather input and feedback on its design.

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