No Man’s Sky ‘The Sentinel Update’ out Now, Focus on Combat

Well over 5 years since we saw the release and almost 17 updates later, No Man’s Sky released their latest update. The Sentinel Update.

Sean Murray, Founder of Hello Game said “The Sentinel update represents a deep and complete overhaul to one of the areas which we haven’t really focused on for a while – combat”.

As anyone who’s ever tried to scavenge resources from a closely guarded planet will attest, the Sentinels are a fearsome, omnipresent authority in the universe, vigilantly protecting their territory from looters and pillagers. Whether it’s the seemingly innocuous drones, the towering walkers or the rampant canine-like quadruped, the un-prepared Traveller triggers a Sentinel attack at their peril. But over time seasoned Travellers have become savvy to the Sentinels’ defenses, and advances in technology and weaponry have diminished their ability to effectively guard their realms.

The game now features new weaponry, shields and new types of drone for the Sentinels to use against the space explorers. Also a new class of Sentinel Exomech is added to the game.

The Sentinel Update is out now and is available on Playstation 4 / 5, Steam and Xbox One and X|S.

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