Only 66% of Players Defeated the First Boss in Elden Ring

Not a moment goes by or a gamer is reminded of the fact that he needs to play Elden Ring as soon as he comes home, or need to buy it as soon as possible. It is the big release of this moment and a lot of players have dived in this dark fantasy RPG since its launch last week.

Though when we look at the Steam statistics it seems that a lot of players are struggling to get past the first boss in the game. FromSoftware’s latest action RPG gives out an achievement when defeating Margit the Fell Omen, the first boss of the game. Only 66% of the players seem to have completed this achievement.

So how can this be? Does this mean that 34% is still stuck in the first few meters of The Lands Between. As Elden Ring is not your typical Skyrim adventure it could be that a lot of new players find themselves frustrated with the game’s difficulty. 

On Playstation the achievement progress is quite similar so it is not a PC bound problem.

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