Pokémon Unite Championship Series 2022 announced, $1.000.000 prize pool

The Pokémon Company broke their silence and announced details for their Pokémon Unite Championship Series 2022. It will be the company’s largest esport tournament till date.

What will it be?

The tournament is set to be a series of qualification events that will swing by every month, starting this February. These qualifications will build up to the final which is the World Championship in Londen, UK. All players on Nintendo Switch, iOS or Android can participate for the $1.000.000 prize pool.

Players will form teams and compete 5-on-5 using Pokémon UNITE’s tournament mode and will be open to most of the world’s regional zones Asia-Pacific, Europe, Japan, South America, North America, Oceania and South Korea. Each zone will have its own qualifying tournaments.

Tournament setup

The tournament will consist of regional qualifiers followed by monthly finals. Players will earn Championship Points based on their performance, with the best teams advancing to the Regional Championships. The best-performing teams in the Regional Championships will be selected for participation at the Pokemon World Championship later in the year. 

Nintendo wrote “Teams will earn an invitation and receive a travel award to the 2022 World Championships in London. Teams that qualify for the World Championships from the Regional Championships must maintain the same five-player roster as was used to earn their invitation.” The number of teams per zone will be limited as shown in the table below.

Regional ZoneNumber of Teams
North America2
South America1
South Korea2

For more details about the tournament setup and individual prize pool, visit www.pokemon.com

Each Pokémon UNITE Championship Series event will have open registration on Battlefy. Players are restricted to playing in the Regional Zone in which they are a full-time resident, and teams must be formed only with players from the same Regional Zone.

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