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Sons of Valhalla Now Live on Kickstarter With December 2022 Expected Release

Did you ever scroll on the internet looking for cool upcoming games and suddenly you see this unknown game you fall in love with right away? We had this exact feeling when seeing Sons of Valhalla on Kickstarter

What is it

Sons of Valhalla is a side-scrolling base building strategy game set in the age of vikings. The game follows the story of Thorald Olavson who seeks revenge for the death of his father and kidnapping of his love Raija.

In pursuit of Valgard, a viking jarl who attacked his village, the story brings Thorald to the shores of England.

First look and opinion

Who said Kickstarter games cannot have dynamic gameplay? Sons of Valhalla features its own 24h weather system which allows you to fight intense boss battles in all kinds of weather conditions. It sure looks very promising and even of high quality. More than we usually expect from a kickstarter game. 

The game also features siege battles, base building, commanding multiple units and sailing with the well-known viking longboats.

But what got us most hooked? The soundtrack. We see dozens of game everyday but the soundtrack we heard was the thing that got us interested. It made us look to the Kickstarter campaign and we definitely hope they keep this kind of vibe in the final product. According to their Kickstarter page around 10% of the funds go to the soundtrack.

For Sons of Valhalla, both the music and the sound design are incredibly important elements as they create the right atmosphere for every situation in the game. We experimented extensively, tested sounds and tried many different musical ideas until we came to the emotionally charged sound that will characterize our game.

Sons of Valhalla will be released on as many platforms as possible. With an initial launch confirmed on Steam (PC) they plan to release it also on Nintendo Switch, Xbox and Playstation.

We will follow this game in the upcomming months and hope to play it at the end of this year.

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