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Sony Files Patent for Collapsible Control Stick on New Controller

Sony is looking for a new way to make their controllers as comfortable as possible. Their latest move in this matter is a new patent they filed for a controller with a collapsible control stick. The main goal being that the controls donĀ“t stick out permanently.

The patent Sony filed is described as:

A controller, thumbstick, or system comprising a thumbstick body, a thumbstick shaft coupled to the thumbstick body wherein the thumbstick shaft is configured to retract into the thumbstick body and wherein the thumbstick body and the thumbstick shaft is freely rotatable together around a pivot center within the controller body.

When we look at the internal filing date this patent was filed on 22.06.2021 and saw publication on 13.01.2022.

Although this patent does indicate Sony is working on a new controller, this does not mean we will actually see this type of controller very soon. A lot of patents are filed every day and only some of them make it to the end and will be avaible for you to spend your money on.

We see immense changes in the world of gaming when we look at streaming, cloud gaming and cross-over gameplay. When we look to the controllers though it looks like time has stood still since we had our first ABXY-controller in our hands. Of course durability has increased and the underlying components have seen mayor changes but you cannot escape the feeling that gaming controllers have yet to undergo their own revolution.

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