Sony Will Continue Production PS4 in 2022 “making the console for another year”

Bloomberg reported earlier this year that production of the PS4 was unexpectedly pro-longed to compensate for the shortage in PS5’s production. The shortage in their next-gen console made it necessary to maintain the production of the PS4.The plan at the time was to halt further production of PS4 at the end of last year.

Sony now said to Japense Nlab that this is not correct. PS4 will continue production and they said this has always been the plan of the company. A Sony Interactive Entertainment spokesman said “There was no plan to end the production of PS4 at the end of last year”. Sony also recently told its manufacturing partners that it will continue making the console for another year.

 It is not true that the PS4 production suspension was withdrawn due to the lack of PS5. There was no plan to end production of PS4 at the end of last year (2021). The PS4 is one of the best-selling console game consoles for SIE, and like the hardware of the past, it produces and sells both old and new hardware in parallel during the transition period of the generation.

Both Next-Gen consoles, PS5 and Xbox Series X, have a troubling production shortage which is mainly caused by the worldwide shortage in semi-conductors. The ongoing chip shortage can be attributed to many factories shutting down during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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