Splitgate 2022 Pro Series announced $500.000 Prize Pool, Split Across 4 Seasons

Splitgate is a free-to-play, fast-paced multiplayer shooter that was released back in 2019. They now announced the new Splitgate 2022 Pro Series. A tournament which will feature  4 seasons with 8 pro teams competing with each other over a $500.000 prize pool. Developer 1047 Games along with Logitech Esports Services offer by far the largest prize pool for this game to date.

After a thrilling Launch Season with hundreds of registered competitors, countless ladder matches, and intense tournament brackets played, we’ve learned a lot about what it takes to be one of the best Splitgate players in the game. Today we’re excited to bring the community another exciting league announcement – introducing the roadmap and format of the 2022 Pro Series season!

The 8 teams competing for the money will play weekly matches that eventually lead to a season finale. The season finale will feature a double-elimination tournament with additional prizes for the best performing players. The competing teams will be:

  • We Got Lucky
  • Aim Assist
  • Portal Demons
  • Bork
  • Mushroom Hunters
  • Little Gremlins
  • No Sleep
  • Revenge Tour

Alongside their new seasons they will also introduce their Splitgate Challengers. “Splitgate Challengers will run in tandem with each Pro Series season and will feature unique event types, cash prizes, and the coveted chance to defeat a pro team and steal their spot in an upcoming season.”

“At the end of the Challengers ladder, the teams who have grinded to the top will face off in exclusive Playoff & Relegation brackets for the chance to join the upcoming Pro Series season.”

How come that a game that has not seen that much attention has this kind of prize pool for its tournaments? With around 2000 players online on average it seems 1047 Games and Logitech Esports have faith in an growing player count with the start of their next season.

MonthAvg. PlayersGain% GainPeak Players
Last 30 Days1,945.1+62.5+3.32%3,533
January 20221,882.6-186.9-9.03%3,437
December 20212,069.4-801.7-27.92%5,040
November 20212,871.2-2,048.9-41.64%5,122
October 20214,920.1-7,702.8-61.02%9,841
September 202112,622.9-23,639.1-65.19%34,868
August 202136,262.0+32,547.0+876.10%67,724
July 20213,715.0+3,378.6+1004.20%45,597
June 2021336.4+119.3+54.98%954
May 2021217.1-34.1-13.57%401
April 2021251.2+4.0+1.64%433
March 2021247.1+44.4+21.92%444
February 2021202.7-32.8-13.92%377
January 2021235.5+23.6+ 
Source: Splitgate – Steam Charts

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