Talon Esports Renews Contract With KFC, Giving Naming Rights to Talon’s Arena of Valor

Esports organization Talon Esports announced the renewal of their sponsorship contract with KFC. Talon Esports and KFC already partnered up in 2021 with support for their Arena of Valor World Championship.

Sean Zhang, CEO of Talon Esports, said: “2021 was a great foundational year for our partnership with KFC, and we couldn’t be more excited that we can now take our partnership to the next level with a brand that is loved by millions in Thailand and around the world.”. The two brands now want to go “bigger and bolder”.

Back in 2021 when the partnership first started Sean Zhang had the following thing to say:

“We’re incredibly excited to welcome KFC as an official partner of dtac Talon. To have one of the world’s most recognisable brands join us is another strong indicator of the direction we are going in as an organisation.

“Our team and fans already know and love KFC, so this partnership will be really about combining and serving two of the biggest passion points of our fans – food and gaming – in the most convenient and exciting way possible.”

The new partnership deal also includes naming rights for KFC for Talon’s Arena of Valor, the launch  of a range of co-branded streetwear and KFC’s brand on their esport jerseys.

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