UMG Gaming to Host All-Female Halo Championship with $20,000 Prize Pool

UMG Gaming announced that they will launch an all-female Halo Tournament called Lady Spartan Pro Series (LSPS). They organize this specially for the female Halo community.

UMG Gaming said in their announcement  that “the circuit is said to offer female players a place to ‘build their skills in a safe, non-toxic’ environment.”. The tournament started just a few days ago on March 5th and will have its grand finale on May 21- 22th with a total prize pool of $20,000.

Director of Business Development at UMG Gaming, John DeHart said “The goal of the tournament series is to break down the walls that have been unjustly placed in front of female competitors across the esports ecosystem. We are beyond excited to support and uplift the female Halo community.”

Ben Holdhaber, Co-founder and CEO of Juked, added: One of our top goals with Juked is to make esports more inclusive and welcoming to everyone. Esports tournaments that shine a spotlight on talented female players, and creating a positive example for all aspiring female pros, are an important way forward for our community. Culturally, partnering with LSPS was a no-brainer for us.”

So let all the female Spartans suit up. It is to note that to be eligble you need to be in the Lady Spartans Pro Series Discord.

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