Who Owns what Game Studio after Activision Blizzard Takeover

The dust has settled. Activision Blizzard is under the wings of Bill Gate’s creation but how has this takeover changed the landscape of game studios?

Redditers took the time to make a infographic showing us the current state of the gaming industry. We do need to note that this picture is not 100% complete but does give a good insight of the remaining players in this competitive market.

Current state of the game studios

Size of Activision Blizzard compared to other Studios

Ever wondered how Microsoft’s latest acquisition has a impact on their employee count? Reddit user Eclips took the time to compile the numbers and it just shows the size of Activision Blizzard compared to the existing Microsoft Studios. Although it is to note that of course a lot of current staff will be redundant in the near future. No need for two HR departments and similar positions that already exist at Microsoft.

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